Modern home décor sculptures can bring a new dynamic to your space. They can evoke emotion, tell a story, or simply beg the viewer to consider things from a different angle. Whether you’re styling a home or business, we highly recommend incorporating decorative sculptures and other art pieces into the space. But that can be easier said than done. Learn top modern interior design ideas to help elevate your space easily with sculptures.

Make a statement.

Modern home décor is sleek and simple, with clean lines and often a semi-industrial flair. Most sculptures fit perfectly in this style environment. But if you want your piece to stand out, it’s important to go bold. Choose sculptures that make a statement. That can mean a large sculpture, one with a bold color or shape, one made out of a unique material, or a mix of all three. They should draw attention easily and the rest of your space should complement it.

A statement-making sculpture demands the space to shine. Position it in key parts of your home or business like the entryway, lobby, courtyard, dining room, or living room. If it’s particularly large, position it in a way that viewers can walk around the piece for a 360-degree view.

Choose colors that inspire.

Since most modern interior design ideas use white as the base color, it provides the perfect backdrop for sculptures and other artwork. Because of this, color is a key part of the statement your sculpture makes – but it’s not all about aesthetics. Color has a power of its own and can bring out different emotions depending on the one you choose.

For example, blues provide a sense of calmness and tranquility. Reds can be inspiring and suggest action, passion and warmth. Associated closely with nature, green can elicit feelings of growth and rebirth. A lack of color is equally meaningful. Sculptures with bare surfaces express a rawness that can be very compelling.

Look for modern materials.

A hallmark of modern interior design is “form following function”. This design theory celebrates shape and utility, usually highlighting the structure of furniture rather than ornamentations. When choosing a sculpture, follow the same philosophy. Consider ones made with materials like steel, glass, and concrete – common structural elements in modern architecture – to help ensure your sculpture has the modern look you desire.

While materials like steel and concrete are surefire ways to add modernity to a space, they aren’t you’re only options. There are plenty of contemporary sculptures that include plastics, wood, aluminum, bronze and more. However, true modern interior design ideas typically lean to the former materials rather than the latter.

Mix and match different styles.

While modern home interior design has a specific look, it doesn’t mean you have to play by all the rules. Choose a mix of modern and classic pieces to provide contrast and bring a more personal feel to the space. For example, you can help humanize an abstract sculpture by surrounding it with more traditional art like marble busts or geometric table sculptures.

If you find yourself wanting to modernize your space even more, consider contemporary pieces. (Yes, modern and contemporary styles have a different design, but their roots are similar.) Alternatively, if you want to create a more vintage feel, the mid-century modern style is a good anchor and can help you in searching for sculptures with a certain look.

Edit out the clutter.

Another key feature of modern home design is a dedication to minimalism. It’s important to edit out the excess and avoid unnecessary clutter. But it can be hard to know where the line is between enough décor and too much. Start by choosing one sculpture focal point (your statement piece) and decorating around it. Then, constantly assess the space and remove or add things as necessary. Your living space is a living canvas and can change or grow just like you do.

Find pieces that speak to you.

At IKTAM, we believe that aesthetics matter to sculpture and design, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. At the end of the day, the sculptures you have in your space should speak to you. After taking things like size, shape, color and material into consideration, really assess how the piece makes you feel and what impact it would have on its environment. It should add meaning or insight, not just beauty. Then, once you choose one, the sculpture will transcend mere decoration and become a part of the essence of your home or business.


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