From water features and manicured gardens to swimming pools and outdoor art, there’s nothing better than a well-designed outdoor space. At IKTAM, our pieces are designed to live indoor or outdoor—but to preserve their beauty, they require a certain level of care and maintenance. Here’s a few tips on how to protect your standing outdoor metal sculptures so your pieces never lose their gravitas.
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Tip 1: Placement is Key

Considering where you want to place your outdoor sculpture can make a huge difference in the longevity of your piece. For example, installing your sculpture near a sprinkler system, a pool, or gardens that require regular fertilization may unintentionally result in chlorine splatter, fertilizer run-off and water spray. To avoid any preventable damage, it’s recommended your pieces should be installed on a flat, elevated surface—even better if it’s a concrete pad. Read on to see what we mean.
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Tip 2: Secure the Installation

Once you’ve determined where you’d like to place your new outdoor metal sculpture, it’s important to ensure wherever you place it has the proper grading and is completely level. Having a secured base means you will avert the risk of your beautiful piece moving or falling over. And whether you have the skills yourself or need to consult a structural engineer, you will need to create a concrete foundation to ensure the sculpture is safe and secure. Be sure to consider the size, weight, and material of your structure as that will influence how many support rods and footings your base will need. If you’re trying to install an outdoor metal wall sculpture, the same rules apply: the piece must be safely secured to a flat, immobile base surface.
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Tip 3: Clean According to Material

Investing in an outdoor piece of art may seem risky to those who have concerns about protecting your outdoor sculptures once they’ve been installed. But the answer is easier than you think. To keep your garden statues and outdoor sculptures looking their best, avoid any vigorous cleaning (as this can damage parts or chip the paint), and stick to delicately washing by hand. Most pieces can be cleaned with a mild soap and water mixture; however, there are a few materials that require other instruction:

  • Marble: Mix white vinegar with water—and never use bleach!
  • Stone: Water will be the only thing you can use to give it a good clean.
  • Bronze: This metal can be best cleaned with just plain soap and water.
  • Paint: To remove dust or dirt, use a soft cloth and water. For stains or discoloration, use a nontoxic glass-cleaning solution.
  • Wood: Use a wood-safe soap and minimal water to prevent any damage or rot.


Tip 4: Schedule Regular Maintenance

The easiest way to preserve your outdoor metal sculpture relies on ongoing care and attention. In fact, most art collectors would suggest preventive and protective measures, like scheduling seasonal cleaning, come with the territory of owning an outdoor piece of art. Think about it—you maintain cars, pools and homes, so why wouldn’t you give that same attention to your art installation? Plus, regular maintenance doesn’t just benefit the superficial look of the piece (though that’s a huge perk!), it helps keep up its value, too. Regular maintenance can look like quarterly inspections, professional waxing or deep cleaning. No matter what service your piece requires, don’t skip the simple upkeep you can do yourself in between consultations with a specialist.


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